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The Florida Gators took a ton of flak — undeservedly so I might add — for not coming up quickly with a plan to reschedule the game with LSU after Hurricane Matthew caused a postponement. An important note on that is that the SEC ultimately made the decision to indefinitely postpone the game and not either school.

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Reports came out that Florida had offered November 19 as a potential makeup date for both teams as they both played out of conference games. However, LSU’s game against South Alabama would have been a $1.5 million buyout while Florida’s game against Presbyterian would have been a $500,000 buyout.

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LSU offered to host the game, but Florida wasn’t having that as it would mean traveling to Baton Rouge three years in a row, which the Gators were not fine with. The weather in Gainesville on Saturday actually quite nice as the hurricane veered off to the east at the last minute and left the city in pretty decent shape. That prompted star cornerback Teez Tabor to take to Twitter to talk about the LSU game.

And when someone tried to tell Tabor that LSU didn’t want to travel for the game, he let them know otherwise.

It would have been nice to see a Sunday or Monday rescheduling, but now this makes the season a whole lot more interesting for the SEC. The decision could ultimately cost Tennessee if Florida wins out and the Vols take a loss somewhere. This could prompt the SEC to move back its championship game a week to allow LSU and Florida to play the game and help decide division winners.

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