After the breakout season that former Mississippi State standout Dak Prescott enjoyed with the Dallas Cowboys this past season, everyone is wondering who might be the next fourth rounder to break out and have Rookie of the Year type of season. FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt thinks he might have the answer to that question from a radio interview on WJOX in Birmingham on Wednesday.

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Klatt was asked if he could identify this year’s Dak Prescott during the interview and gave a pretty good answer. He prefaced it by saying that Prescott happened to land in the right situation at the right time as well, which was a major reason he was able to play so well. He also said that there are few guys who can succeed no matter what the scheme is or what the team situation is and that the only guy’s seen like that is Andrew Luck. Here was the rest of his answer:

“Now, if you wanted me to locate a guy who I think could have success and is more of a middle-round prospect, I would point to Chad Kelly. I think it’s ridiculous– this whole red-flag behavioral issue. This has been going on for years so unless the NFL is going to 1- keep from getting drafted and 2- keep him from playing in the NFL, this whole Combine discussion is just stupid. It’s ridiculous in my mind. One, Chad Kelly has the moxie to go in and think he can play. That’s a big deal in the National Football League. And then, two, he’s got a lot of ability and he’s an anticipatory thrower. That’s something we don’t see in college football a lot. It’s always, ‘I want to see my guy open, then I’m going to cut it loose.’ But he’s an anticipatory thrower and he gets the ball down the field well. He’s confident. He’s got all that swag and he’ll tell you all about it, but because of those reasons if there was one guy in the middle rounds that I think could have success early, I think it’s Chad Kelly.”

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Kelly has several off field incidents he will have to answer for including a brawl at a high school football game, his odd social media presence and a rap song he made while at Clemson. He also had trouble getting along with coaches at Clemson as he went off on them during a spring game and that contributed to him getting kicked off the team. Physically, he also is coming off a serious knee injury that includes a torn ACL and lateral meniscus he suffered in November.

He finished his career at Ole Miss with 6,000 passing yards, 50 touchdowns and 21 interceptions with a 64 completion percentage.

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FOX Sports analyst names this year’s Dak Prescott in the NFL Draft Tom Pennington/Getty Images
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