Georgia quarterback Jacob Eason is poised to be the best passer in the SEC next season as he showed flashes of some brilliance despite not having any sort of offensive line and few playmakers as receivers. If Georgia can recruit around him, which it seems Kirby Smart has done, then the team should seriously contend for the East division title and even the SEC Championship.

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ESPN’s National Director of Recruiting Tom Luginbill is not convinced of how good Eason can become though. Luginbill said on 1010XL Jax Sports Radio’s “Frangie Show” that Eason isn’t nearly as good as the fans think.

“Georgia has to find pieces of the puzzle in the offensive line and they have got to find weapons for Jacob Eason because the problem with Jacob Eason is, as talented as a passer as he is, he is not a dynamic player. You know where he’s going to be in the pocket. He has to win with his mind and his arm, which means you’ve got to have really good personnel around him.”

While any good quarterback requires a decent to good offensive line they can also make receivers better than they might initially appear and Eason could certainly do that with two more years of play. Eason threw for 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions to go with 2,430 passing yards last season. However, his completion percentage left something to be desired as he only completed about 55 percent of his passes.

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Eason is expected to be the best quarterback in the conference next year though as some guys have graduated and the SEC has just not recruited the position well in recent years. He’s also got the arm strength and potential to be a lot more accurate than he has been if Smart can give him some good receivers.

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ESPN analyst puts the brakes on Jacob Eason hype train with one major criticism Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
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