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It looks like the ankle injuries that have been bothering LSU running back Leonard Fournette are worse than originally thought.

Fournette injured his ankle in the preseason, and the injury has caused him to miss several games this season. SEC Country is now reporting that Fournette’s injury could be “chronic” that caused further problems in the future.

A “loose ankle” is correctable, and in the short term, Fournette’s function can be restored. However, there is always at risk of a recurrence, like what we saw last week vs. the Razorbacks. The issue of a potential surgery will be more a factor at February’s NFL Combine than it is now.

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Fournette led college football in 2015 with over 160 rushing yards per game, and he was considered a consensus Top 5 pick heading into the season. However, the injury has hampered what he has been able to do this year, and it is possible that is could continue to affect him going forward into his NFL career.

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