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At any other time, this would have been fine. Now, though… not a great look.

Ole Miss is currently dealing with two controversies: the on-going Hugh Freeze scandal, where the head coach resigned after phone records showed that Freeze made calls to an escort service on a school provided cell phone, and the current NCAA investigation where Ole Miss is alleged to have paid recruits.

On Thursday, Ole Miss sent out a tweet that only had the quote “YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON FAMILY”, a saying that interim Matt Luke dropped in his press conference earlier this week.

In a vacuum, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that message. However, considering the connotations that can be connect there with Ole Miss’ on-going scandals… probably not the best timing.

Predictably, social media poked fun at the program for the now-deleted message.

Better luck next time, Ole Miss.

[H/T Drunk Aubie for the screenshot]

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