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This appears to have gotten out of hand rather quickly.

Four-star quarterback Dakereon Joyner is a South Carolina commit, and like most athletes, he has a lot of confidence in himself. That confidence might have gotten him in a bit of trouble earlier this week, though, as Joyner posted a message on social media saying, “I promised myself to never lose to Clemson as a starting QB at South Carolina… NEVER!”

It makes sense for a young recruit to want to accomplish something like that, but appears that the backlash to that message has now forced Joyner to issue an apology.

I apologize for anyone who was offended by the statement I made yesterday. I made a promise to myself! If I wanted to throw shots I would’ve directly said it to a fan, player, or Clemson football player. it was completely out of my character to say what I said. Some people took it the wrong way and that wasn’t my intentions. I do apologize once again. I am confident in my future squad! I also am confident in what I said. I’m looking forward to competing vs Clemson in the near future.

Joyner is rated as a consensus four-star recruit, and he is the No. 10 dual-threat quarterback in the nation according to 247Sports.

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