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Steve Spurrier got a fair share of great talent while he was coaching at South Carolina, most notably some guy named Jedeveon Clowney. However, some coaches think that Will Muschamp is more prepared and better suited to recruit the state. Summerville High School coach Joe Call said that Muschamp is already doing a better job than Spurrier ever did despite Clemson being at the height of its power.

“Clemson under Dabo … even if guys don’t recruit our area, they’ll stop by even if we don’t have a recruit. It’s about keeping the relationship, because they know one day we will. South Carolina for the last couple of years under Spurrier, we would only see the coach who recruited our area.

“Now since Muschamp’s been there, and he’s been there (just over) a year, I’ve had seven different coaches from South Carolina come through our school, just to meet me, meet our assistants, establish relationships. Because they know eventually, we are going to have a recruit that’s going to play for them and they’re going to want. That’s been the biggest difference.”

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Recruiting relationships are incredibly important as you can see from that quote and that bodes well for Muschamp down the road. He’s going to need to the talent in his own state if he is going to win more games and potentially the SEC East.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

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