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Tennessee had not won eight games for quite a few years before Butch Jones came along in 2013. In fact, the Vols hadn’t won that many games since 2007 when they went to the SEC Championship Game. Well, they pulled off the feat last year when they went 9-4, but don’t tell Jones that or you’ll ruin whatever narrative he’s trying to write for the end of this season.

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If “a while” means last season then sure, Jones is right. However, his team won eight games in the regular season last year and then beat Northwestern soundly in the Outback Bowl to get a ninth win. The Vols still have one more game to play against Vanderbilt this season and could end up with 10 wins if they can get a bowl win.

Maybe Jones should go to his press conferences with a team historian or statistician sitting next to him because then he wouldn’t make these embarrassing mistakes.

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