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The Tennessee coach is right and it’s mostly because Josh Dobbs is the guy slinging the ball around. His passing and running games have helped the Vols to back-to-back SEC wins. Dobbs isn’t the only player trying to improve though as coach Jones pointed out there are a lot of weight room and gym rats.

A lot of that attitude is coming from the senior guys on the team too.

And this team isn’t done improving on the season.

And if you’ve ever heard the phrase “winning breeds winning” Butch Jones lives it.

The players weren’t the only ones who created a good culture though. Jones always makes sure to give them special mention after games in wins or losses.

What happened on the field that led to the win was winning the turnover battle 2-0 and being efficient in the pass game — 19-of-29 for Josh Dobbs.

The Vols will have a chance to get bowl eligible next week against Missouri if they can get the win.

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