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Tennessee head coach Butch Jones was on his call-in show on Sunday and made an admission that might make some fans a little nervous. The Hail Mary play that won the game wasn’t drawn that way and in fact, it wasn’t even supposed to be the play at all.

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They were going to try some hook-and-ladders?!?!? That would have likely ended disastrously and absolutely nothing like the Miami-Duke miracle finish from last year. You remember that one, right? Miami lateraled something like eight times, had a knee down at some point and the refs totally screwed up the ending so Miami ended up winning even though they didn’t deserve it all.

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Instead, Tennessee lined up in all verticals and let quarterback Josh Dobbs chuck it into the end zone. That obviously worked as Jauan Jennings — a former QB himself — jumped up and came down with the touchdown to give the Vols a 34-31 win over Georgia. It’s a good thing Jones “had a feeling” or else Tennessee might not be headed to College Station 5-0 and in command of the SEC East.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

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