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Tennessee unveiled its latest gimmick for its home opener and — to no surprise — many fans hate it.

Days after debuting their turnover trash can, the Vols revealed their new “third down anthem” via Twitter on Friday.

The song is similar to the “Third Down for What” remix of Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down For What,” both of which were used in 2014. Many thought that gimmick ran its course, especially when the defense struggled on third downs.

But for whatever reason, Tennessee decided to use this much worse Dollar General ripoff version, which will debut at Neyland Stadium on Saturday against Indiana State.

Here’s how the internet reacted to it.

You get the idea.

It took me forever to find one positive response on the top replies and that was a negative commenter’s friend trying to convince him otherwise. Once again, the Vols’ lack of self-awareness is incredible.

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