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Tennessee has had more than it’s fair share of miraculous comebacks this season. From the Georgia game last weekend to the Florida one before that and the Virginia Tech game before that even, Tennessee has needed some sort of insane comeback to win its games.

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The one exception for that rule was against Texas A&M. Although they started down again, the Vols were able to come back and force an overtime, but did ultimately lose. The reason for all of these necessary comeback can be traced back to one stat and that’s the point differential in the first quarter.

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While this stat is not entirely correct — Tennessee is -7 in overtime (since it did lose the game by a touchdown) — it does illustrate a good point about how terrible of a first quarter team the Vols are and how incredible they play in the fourth quarter. Maybe closing the gap on that first quarter differential will help the Vols beat Alabama next week.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

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