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I guess nearly 157,000 people for the Battle at Bristol wasn’t enough.

According to SEC Country, the president of Texas Motor Speedway is expressing interest in trying to renew the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry in front of 200,000 fans at his racetrack.

“I think everybody that lives in Texas would love to see them play again,” speedway president Eddie Gossage said. “It’s a crime they don’t. That would be a perfect game for us, because that’s a special one.”

If Gossage is looking to break an attendance record, this would probably do it. The speedyway’s current capacity is 181,000 and more seats would likely be added in areas to try and get to the 200,000 mark.

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The problem with this idea? No one is going to be able to see ANYTHING happening at that game without massive video boards everywhere. It was bad enough at Bristol, and that problem won’t get any better at a bigger and non-symmetrical racetrack.

Per SEC Country, Texas Motor Speedway has actually pitched this idea before to Texas and Oklahoma. The Sooners were reportedly interested, but Texas was not.

Obviously this game is not anywhere close to happening right now, but it seems like a terrible, yet still intriguing, idea.

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