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Sometimes offensive linemen miss a block or get beaten by a defender. Happens to everyone, and it’s usually not that big of a deal.

This one on the other hand…

Already down 13-0 in the second quarter to No. 10 Washington, No. 7 Stanford encountered a critical fourth down attempt in Husky territory. With Christian McCaffrey in the backfield, you would think that Stanford would have a great chance of converting and keeping the play alive.

Well, nope.

No. 75 on the offensive line for Stanford just completely misses the snap count, allowing a Stanford defender straight into the backfield for a tackle for loss on the quarterback. Stanford didn’t even get a chance to get it to McCaffrey, which isn’t a formula for success for the Cardinal.

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Obviously everyone makes mistakes in football, but that is going to be amplified when it is this bad in such a critical situation.

The play was indicative of Stanford’s entire first half. Washington dominated all facets of the game, taking a 23-0 lead into halftime.

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