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Former Florida and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was honored before the National Championship Game and a two-time inductee into the College Football Hall of Fame, and he was promptly booed by the Clemson fans in attendance.

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The Head Ball Coach told Buddy Martin — who co-authored his book — that the Clemson fans were booing because Spurrier’s Gamecocks had defeated them five years in a row:

“If they’d have been kicking my butt up there every year those people would have been clapping,” Spurrier told Martin. “Tell ’em I didn’t mind at all and it didn’t hurt my feelings one bit. In fact, the louder the better. That was a loud one. As long as they’re loud!”

Then Spurrier added some of the Clemson fans asked for a picture before the game.

“Some of them were the same fans who were lined up in the hotel lobby asking for a picture to be made with them,” he said.

Spurrier went 6-4 against Clemson during his tenure at South Carolina.

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