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When a coach is on the hot seat, you often get the “dreaded vote of confidence” from the athletic director who is trying to diffuse the situation.

Instead, Texas athletic director Mike Perrin decided to add fuel to the fire after Texas lost 49-31 to Oklahoma State on Saturday.

“We need to evaluate”? That is some bad news for Charlie Strong.

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Oklahoma State is a decent enough team, so a loss on the road to them isn’t the end of the world. However, it had more to do with how Texas lost. They were a disaster on defense and special teams, allowing 37 points in the first half to the Cowboys. Texas also had three separate extra point attempts blocked in the first half, which isn’t ideal.

The good news for Texas is that the offense still looks pretty good, but that only came after major changes in offensive philosophy over the offseason. If Texas is looking to overhaul its defense, it may have to look at Strong to figure out why a formerly valued defensive coach can’t get stops on that side of the ball.

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