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As if the Charlie Strong situation at Texas wasn’t already providing enough awkwardness for college football…

It appears that Houston head coach Tom Herman does a weekly radio show segment just like nearly every major head coach in college football. For Herman, though, his show appears to be held in a public spot, and the spot he was in on Tuesday happened to have a TV nearby.

That TV was on ESPN, and of course they had the most awkward topic of all-time on while Herman was doing his radio show duties.

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Yep, ESPN just openly discussing the bidding war for Herman… while Herman is almost a forced spectator.

You know Herman is on that radio show pitching his heart out about why Houston’s next game against Memphis is important and how he is preparing for it. Obviously the conversations are already out there about which school will be able to get Herman, and how much it will cost; that much is nothing new for Herman. However, for it to be displayed so prominently right above him? That’s just awkward.

I mean, that TV has got to be on mute anyways. They really couldn’t turn it off for 30 minutes?

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