This college football season had already gotten chaotic enough in recent weeks, but we could see even more at the end of the season.

The legitimate end of the season, where the College Football Playoff committee could run into a massive problem.

That problem? The No. 25 Navy Midshipmen, who have already qualified for the American Athletic Conference championship game. Like the other conference championship games, Navy will play on the first weekend and December, but unlike everyone else, that won’t be the end of Navy’s season. The annual Army-Navy game will still be the weekend after conference championships, which means one thing: the final Playoff rankings might not come out until after that game.

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Why would the Playoff rankings be delayed? As part of the College Football Playoff, Navy would have a chance at a New Year’s Six Bowl (this year is the Cotton Bowl) as the highest ranking Group of 5 champion should they win their conference. However, we won’t be able to know if they are the highest ranking champion until after the Army-Navy game. Last year, the Playoff committee said they would delay the final rankings in this scenario until after that game was played, and you figure that same rule would hold up for this season.

It’s assumed that the actual Top 4 of the Playoff would be set at that point, since Navy isn’t close to even cracking the Top 10 right now. However, if you wanted to throw everyone a curveball, the final rankings not being determined for an extra week would definitely do that.

This year’s final Playoff rankings could be delayed an extra week at the end of the season Clippit/Screenshot
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