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Tim Tebow may have been a bit player as a freshman at Florida, but it appears he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Shea Patterson and Ole Miss.

It was reported on Friday that Ole Miss would be burning the redshirt on the former five-star quarterback, and that he could potentially be the starter for their game against Texas A&M. While head coach Hugh Freeze seems fully on-board with the move, the former Heisman winner Tebow did not in the slightest.

Via SEC Country:

“I’m 100 percent opposed,” Tebow said Friday on the Paul Finebaum Show. “I know Coach Freeze. He’s a great coach. And he’s doing it for a reason. I don’t know why. If I was Shea, I would want to wait because you don’t know what’s going to happen in your career.”

“There is still going to be a lot of pressure because the A&M defense is a good defense. They haven’t shown it the last couple of weeks but they do have a lot of playmakers. It’s Kyle Field at night. 108,000 people.”

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While Ole Miss doesn’t have too many options with the season-ending injury, Tebow does have a point. Throwing a true freshman into the fire can be a very risky decision, and when you combine that with an atmosphere like Kyle Field at A&M.

Do you agree or disagree with Tebow’s assessment here?

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