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Everybody has an idea for College Football Playoff expansion. A lot of people like the system the way it currently is, with four teams being selected by a committee for the right to play for the ultimate team prize. A wide swath of others would like a similar system but one that includes eight teams instead of four, largely to be inclusionary of a bigger field that is less punishing in the regular season and less preferential based on sketchy criteria.

Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun, though, has an idea that makes very little sense.

Calhoun tells The Gazette about his plan and it includes eight teams. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that but Calhoun’s idea calls for the power-5 champions to all be included alongside two wild cards and a representative from the Group of Five. However, Calhoun’s idea for finding the Group of Five representative is the crazy part.

In short, he wants another tournament of four teams from the lower-level conferences, with one emerging to join the eight-team field. That might sound nice in theory and Calhoun indicates that he believes “it would, really, bring a wholeness that would be splendid for the spirit of college football.” Still, it is impractical in that the winner of said mini-tournament would be playing two extra games than anyone else on an already taxing schedule.

There are ways to represent the Group of Five better in this process but this, frankly, isn’t one of them.

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