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In an announcement from Electronic Arts during today’s E3 conference, the creators of the beloved Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons have come forth with their latest title: A Way Out.

From the above trailer we can see that the game is already unique in at least one way; players will only be able to experience A Way Out with another person, whether it be a friend joining them in their living room or with a stranger online. There’s no room for solitude, as the story will evolve from the input of both point-of-views.

As for the story itself – the plot will revolve around the two characters of Vincent and Leo as they attempt to break out from the prison in which they have been incarcerated. While the intricacies of the two haven’t been revealed yet, what we do see looks promising

EA also released another trailer on their official YouTube channel showing off A Way Out’s gameplay. Check it out:

For more information about the game or about EA’s other reveals, be sure to tune in to the studio’s website, where a live stream of the event has been ongoing.

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