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In the genre of zombie-survival games, true quality is a rare occurrence. Dying Light managed to set itself apart with an entertaining parkour mechanic, weapon crafting, and a true threat; the night, with which super-powered zombies would hunt the player to the ends of the map – or a bit of light, whichever came first.

Despite releasing back in 2015, the developers at Techland have shown a surprising devotion to the title. Earlier this week the studio announced that Dying Light would be receiving 10 additional DLC over the next year – all for free.

The DLC will include “new locations, story-driven quests, gameplay mechanics, weapons, enemies, and more,” according to Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka.

Techland released a teaser for the first of the DLC today. Titled simply, “New Enemies Teaser,” the video showcases two heavily armored, armed soldiers as they walk through the bloodied streets of Harran. Check it out below (Warning: Blood and Gore):

Some have already begun to predict the announcement of Dying Light 2 as the source of this sudden initiative. Such a reveal would undoubtedly be well-received in the community, though it’s certainly unlikely this close to the end of E3.

For more information, follow the studio’s Twitter and YouTube media accounts, or visit Dying Light’s official website for access to developer updates.

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