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Just the other day Overwatch announced its celebration of the competitive shooter’s one-year anniversary with the reveal of a commemorative trailer, which highlighted achievements of developers and fans alike. The trailer, available below, showcased the arrival of all of the game’s free content over the past year, which amounted to three new characters, several new game modes, and a variety of seasonal events. Check it out:

As if to ensure another equally successful year, Blizzard recently released a sneak peek of some new maps for Overwatch’s Arena game mode.

The accompanying video displayed three familiar settings; Eichenwalde, Dorado, and Anubis will all be featured as revamped maps in Arena for either 3v3 or 1v1 matches.

Although not tremendous news for the competitive scene, which has always restricted itself to the traditional 6v6 payload and capture point modes, the more casual players will likely rejoice. Previously, Arena had only one single map. Set in Antarctica, the chilly setting quickly became repetitive and dull to players, leaving the game mode an infrequently visited feature for most.l

Overwatch’s anniversary event is scheduled to begin on May 23. Stay tuned to the game’s Twitter and website for news about any future developments.

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