Nothing seems to appeal to gamers more than the ability to personalize their characters in-game, and Overwatch is no exception. With 24 heroes available to play and at least 11 skins available for even the newest additions to the game, there’s plenty of room for individuality in the shooter that was reportedly host to 25 million different players in January.

It should come as no surprise then when the much-teased upcoming update may provide access to a series of origins skins for some of the game’s more lore-embedded heroes. A recent leak revealed an image featuring some of the original members of the Overwatch team wearing their old armor.

Even more recently, a YouTube video appeared briefly featuring the trailer for the Overwatch: Insurrection event. While the video was in French and taken down almost immediately, a mirror is available here.

From what we can gather, a new horde-style game mode will be available that features the original members of Overwatch fighting against waves of synthetic AI-controlled robots. In the game’s lore, this event is referred to as the King’s Row Uprising.

The trailer also features at least ten new skins and boasts the arrival of over 100 additional items available through Overwatch‘s loot-box system.

While some players have speculated that this skin-centric update will likely include the highly-demanded ability to change your character’s skin during matches, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has previously debunked this theory in a forum post from August of last year.

We would also like to give you this option. Our design for it allows for changing skins during “Assemble your heroes” but not after that phase. We want people to be able to change skins before a match but we also don’t want people changing skins mid-match. We have two reasons for this:

1) Your Team needs you. Go help them.

2) We don’t want to add confusion to the “read” of the game by having people constantly changing appearances during the map.

This feature has been on our list for a very long time and is something we want to make happen. It usually gets deprioritized for other things (such as the Season 2 competitive changes). It’s something we really want to do though.”

The patch launched and is slated to last no longer than the start of May, so players will have only a limited amount of access to this latest batch of content.

Update: The patch has been rolled out, and the new skins and game mode are available! Check out the official page on the Overwatch website for more details.

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