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Nintendo have announced the latest in a long line of DS gaming devices with the unveiling of the Nintendo 2DS XL in a trailer released over their official YouTube channel.

The trailer portrays an updated 2DS with a newly streamlined design that has embraced the popular clamshell folding from previous devices while implementing larger screens, enhanced controls, and faster processing power. It also boasts Amiibo functionality, which refers to plastic figurines sold by Nintendo that can be used to unlock daily content from their DS games.

Not to mention, and this is a bit of a personal opinion, but the 2DS XL looks sleek. A common complaint previously voiced by critics was that the former devices were too clunky; the original 2DS in particular seemed to have traded aesthetics for durability, and was often criticized for its blocky appearance.

Despite these overall positive signs, pessimists have already begun to wonder aloud if Nintendo will actually stock enough of its own product to satisfy its zealous fans. This is referring to the state of the Nintendo Switch, which even now is difficult to obtain and consistently sold out at most major suppliers.

Others, too, have joked that indulging parents ignorant of Nintendo’s naming practices will have great difficulty selecting the right device for their children. It’s hard to deny that the Nintendo DS XL is a bit of a mouthful, after all.

For those unfazed by the lengthy name or by the possibility of a shortage, the Nintendo 2DS XL will be available on July 28 for $149.99.

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