OmnicMeta, a data-driven website that collects information about class trends in the competitive shooter Overwatch, has released their analysis of the top hero choices for Season 4, Weeks 5-6.

For those new to the esports scene, Overwatch is a team-based competitive first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment that pits teams of 6 players against each other in an objective-based match. Although Overwatch was released just under a year ago, it has already exploded in popularity on the competitive scene, with multiple tournaments having taken place featuring prize pools of up to $300,000.

Overwatch features 24 different hero classes for players to pick from, each fulfilling one of four roles: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Players who perform well are sorted into higher “tiers,” than others, with the absolute highest being “Grandmaster.”

OmnicMeta’s analysis has collected information about each tier to provide a visual display of which classes are most popular at each level of performance. While the author notes that this data has been retrieved from only the game’s competitive mode and not actual tournaments, this chart may be indicative of possible line-ups for future eSports competitions.

Based on the chart, it seems Mercy continues to grow in popularity, thanks in no small part to her extremely powerful ultimate ability, “Resurrect,” which can revive an entire team at once. She is followed by the jack-of-all-trades Soldier 76 and the ever-popular Reinhardt tied at 55 percent.

Meanwhile Orisa, the newest addition to the Overwatch roster, continues to trail behind as the least popular choice in the game.

Additional charts with more in-depth analysis can be found on OmnicMeta’s full blog post. As the game continues to be updated with fresh content and patches, future analysis’ will likely follow.

What’s the most popular hero choice in Overwatch? Now we know. IGN screenshot
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