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VOID Interactive have unveiled its new first-person shooter, Ready Or Not, in a trailer released over their official YouTube media channel.

[Warning: Some Disturbing Imagery]

Considered by some to be the spiritual successor to the early 2000’s SWAT franchise, this new title appears to be an even bloodier take on the genre of tactical police shooters. If the above trailer is any indication, Ready Or Not will feature scenarios dealing with public shootings, human trafficking, narcotics, and, of course, murder.

Currently, the genre of tactical first-person shooters in close-quarters environments is dominated only by Rainbow Six: Siege and SWAT 4, which was re-released on earlier this year and has since reached a second wave of popularity.

According to VOID’s website for Ready Or Not, the game already has a variety of impressive mechanics planned. Some examples are:

Incremental Door Control System: This might sound inconsequential at first, but anyone who has played through stealth games in the past will recognize the importance of being able to shut doors as you move through dangerous environments (looking at you, Payday 2).

Modular Speed Control: Veterans of the Splinter Cell series will recognize this feature from earlier installments, which gave players the ability to increase their character’s speed by moving the mouse wheel up or down. This allowed for a level of precision to movement that is not ordinarily seen in FPS games.

Responsive Damage System and Effects: This feature stood out to me more than the others. Players will now have reactive damage based on where they’ve been shot in-game; a bullet wound in the leg, for example, will slow them down, while a shot in the arm will impede their accuracy.

Fully Supported Competitive Servers Based on Amazon Gamelift API: Possibly nonsensical to some, this line is actually pretty exciting. Games that use peer-to-peer matchmaking often suffer from network lag and dropped connections. That Ready Or Not already has dedicated servers planned is definitely a good sign.

Incremental Lean System: Players will be able peek over and around objects as they maneuver through the game’s levels. Due to the close-quarters nature of Ready Or Not, this kind of system is invaluable in providing an added layer of depth to the gameplay.

For a full list of Ready Or Not’s features, check out VOID’s most recent blog post on their website, where more information is available about the company and its upcoming title.

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