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Ubisoft’s third-person shooter The Division may not have gotten off to the greatest start, but thanks to the efforts of the development team, it could finally be reaching the level of polish that players always wanted. The game’s next update, simply dubbed Resistance, is coming out sometime this fall and includes two entirely new game modes, a new region to explore, and an overhauling for how the game handles gear stats.

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To reignite interest in the previously underwhelming shooter, Ubisoft has scheduled a free weekend for players to download and try out the game for a limited time.

Players will have a chance to play the game from today until September 17, Sunday at around 4:00 pm EST. The free weekend includes access to all of The Division’s base content; sadly, all expansions are still locked behind a paywall.

To download the game, all you need is a UPlay account, which can be acquired on Ubisoft’s website via the login page. Beware, though; the game’s roughly 48gb large, and could take the better part of a day to download and install. Be sure not to wait until the last minute if you’re looking to give The Division a go this weekend.

Ubisoft has also coupled the free trial with a sale. For the duration of the weekend, The Division will be 60% off at only $20.00, while the full Season Pass is similarly discounted at 50% off with a $20.00 price tag. For more information, check out the full free weekend page on the game’s website.

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