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Will Ospreay and Ricochet are two of the most athletic pro-wrestlers in the world, and the two have put on high-flying spectacles in the past that have gained praise from wrestling fans all around.

However, being such high-flyers means that the two are at the mercy of the ring holding up for them. And when that doesn’t happen… well, things could go badly.

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Of course, being the professionals that Ospreay and Ricochet are, things didn’t go badly when the top rope broke on them during What Culture Pro Wrestling’s (WCPW) “True Destiny” iPPV this past weekend. Instead, the two athletic superstars improvised for the rest of their match, including this hilarious spot where Ricochet “climbed” to the top rope for a moonsault.

Of course, the part where Ricochet can just do a standing moonsault helps, but it is this kind of improvised comedy — added with Jim Ross’ commentary, of course — that makes pro-wrestling great. A lot of wrestlers can do moves in the ring, but the guys that can think up something witty in a clutch situation? Those are your true superstars.

Ricochet went on to win the match by pinfall, giving him his second major singles win over Ospreay in the past year.

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