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For months — seems like forever, really — Connor McGregor has been making noises about fighting the best boxer on the planet, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., in what is being hyped as a potential billion-dollar fight.

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While it may shatter revenue records, there’s something else that could get shattered: McGregor. He put out this training video that clearly illustrates he has a long, long way to go before he can even dream of giving Mayweather, even at the age of 39,  a fight:

Boxing at SBG

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McGregor is in the yellow, the guy who consistently drops his hands and on a couple of occasions leads with his elbow while his statue of a sparing partner follows him around the ring.

This isn’t to say McGregor can’t make the transformation from MMA champ to boxing champ. It’s just obvious that his boxing skills have a ways to go before they catch up to his MMA skills.

Just ask Ronda Rousey how hard that is.

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