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In a video, two women were involved in a verbal altercation that quickly escalated. As you can see in the videos titled “Beech Grove Walmart fight part 1” and “Beech Grove Walmart fight part 2,” tensions rise high and a woman originally in a scooter, leaps up and starts throwing fists at the woman.

As the two brawl across an aisle, a boy that was with the woman on the scooter enters the fracas, throwing shampoo, then punching and kicking the other combatant.

It’s an awful, stomach-turning clip that is incredibly disheartening.

As the woman brawls in front of the young boy, she can be heard yelling for him to punch her and goads him into entering the fight. The amount of onlookers that comment, record and walk by without attempting to break up this fight is also astounding.

It’s terrible that these two came to blows, but even worse that it involved a young boy and no one felt it necessary to break them up.