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Things have skipped worse and gone straight from bad to bizarro world for a former mixed martial arts fighter who was charged with sexual misconduct by three different men recently.

According to a Twin Cities Pioneer Press report, Brett Charles Rogers, who was known as Brett “Da Grimm” Rogers in the MMA world, is facing two counts of fifth-degree criminal sexual misconduct and one count of interfering with someone’s privacy after multiple incidents in the past several months.

Rogers, 35, who is said to be homeless, allegedly groped a male library employee in the elevator of the George Latimer Central Library in St. Paul, Minn. back in November.

Then on January 4, Rogers is alleged to have solicited sex from a man that was standing next to him at a urinal inside a public bathroom in St. Paul. Rogers asked the man if he wanted to engage in sexual activity inside one of the bathroom stalls, then grabbed the man’s buttocks when he refused, a criminal complaint of the incident contends.

Another incident reportedly took place when Rogers was taken to the Ramsey County Jail for the two aforementioned offenses. Rogers’ cellmate at the jail awoke to find Rogers fondling him. The cellmate reportedly did not report the incident until after he was released for fear that Rogers, who is 6-5 and 270 pounds, might physically attack him.

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Court documents also allege that even before his arrest on these charges, Rogers had been causing “many problems” in the downtown St. Paul area.

Rogers, who had been associated with a mixed material arts outfit based in California called Strikeforce, was released from his professional fighting contract in 2011 after assaulting his wife.

He had reportedly been fighting independently as recently as 2015. lists Rogers professional record at 17 wins and 10 losses, with 14 of those wins coming by KO or TKO.