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He should have taken the deal.

Jason Koppenhaver, the former UFC and Bellator fighter known as War Machine,  faces life in prison after he was found guilty in a brutal assault case involving his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, and one other person.

The jury deadlocked on a couple of attempted murder charges.

Kopperhaver was found guilty for the beating, sexual assault and kidnapping of Mack over a several-months period, according to ESPN. In August 2014, Kopperhaver found Mack with another man, Corey Thomas, and mercilessly beat them both.

Mack suffered a lacerated liver, fractured eye socket, broken nose and missing teeth. Thomas testified her suffered a broken nose and dislocated shoulder, among other injuries. reported that prosecutors offered two separate plea deals in which Koppenhaver would have served 16 years to life or 18 to 40 years,

Now, when he’s sentenced June 5 in a Las Vegas court, he could be sentenced to life without parole.

The prosecution was ecstatic.

Mack tweeted:

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