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After a couple of weeks in limbo, it appears that WWE has finally agreed to part ways with one of their former champions.

Two weeks ago, former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger announced on Chael Sonnen’s podcast that he had requested, and apparently received, his release from the company. However, as we soon found out after, Swagger had not been officially released, and his status was held up until WWE publicly announced his release on Monday.

Swagger had been directionless in the past several years following his “Real Americans” angle with former manager Zeb Colter. According to PWInsider, this was the impetus behind Swagger requesting his releases from WWE, as Swagger had not been seen on WWE television since December. He hadn’t wrestled in any capacity for the company since January.

Swagger had started to take dates with other promotions when he announced his release, and he was scheduled to face former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio with the British WAW promotion this weekend. However, he was pulled from that match since his release was not official, and according to the Wrestling Observer, Swagger will have a 90-day non-compete clause where WWE will continue to pay him.

During his nearly 10-year WWE career, Swagger was a one-time ECW Champion, one-time World Heavyweight Champion, and a one-time U.S. Champion.

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