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WWE legend Chris Jericho finished up his latest and perhaps best WWE run of late a few weeks ago on Smackdown Live where he dropped the U.S. championship to Kevin Owens before being written off television.

The lead singer of the band ‘Fozzy’ won’t be gone for long, according to a new report, as the rock star is reportedly coming back to wrestle once their tour ends.

Via Rajah:

“Chris Jericho is expected back with WWE almost immediately after his Fozzy tour ends. While it was expected that Jericho would be back at some point due to his recent success, no indication was given on when that would exactly be but according to sources, he will be back soon and will pick up his program with Kevin Owens.”

The Judas Rising Tour is scheduled to go on through May and almost all of June, but the band’s last scheduled show on the tour is a June 24 show in Seattle, WA.

If Jericho returns after that, he’d likely be back in time to build for a Summerslam payoff match against Kevin Owens.

Jericho’s latest run, along with his babyface turn, has revitalized his career to a level that many did not expect at this stage of his wrestling tenure. However, Jericho became one of WWE’s best babyfaces in the last few month, and having him back on Smackdown Live sooner rather than later would definitely be good news for both wrestling fans and the company.

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