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There is never such a thing as a “good drug arrest” for an athlete, but there are arrests that are certainly worse than others. This one might fall into that category.

Former WWE wrestler and current New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Matt Sydal — formerly Evan Bourne — was reportedly arrested in Japan on September 23 after being caught with two grams of liquid cannabis at Kansai International Airport. While the arrest news is a new development, most fans figured something was wrong when Sydal claimed “passport troubles“.

Sydal has not been on any NJPW programming since late September.

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While two grams of marijuana may not seem like a lot, Sydal could be in major trouble thanks to Japan’s extraordinarily strict drug laws. Sydal could face some significant jail time, or he could just be completely blacklisted from the country entirely. That would be a huge career blow for Sydal, who was experiencing a career-renaissance as a tag-team wrestler with NJPW.

This isn’t the first time that Sydal has had problems with synthetic marijuana. He was popped twice with Wellness Policy violations when he performed as Evan Bourne in WWE, and it is speculated that the issue is what led to his release from the company in 2014.

Sydal — as Bourne — was a one-time tag team champion in WWE. He is a three-time tag team champion in NJPW.

[H/T Wrestling Observer]

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