The wrestler at the center of one of the most infamous moments in pro-wrestling history is reportedly in poor health.

In a Facebook post, WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Luke described former WWE teammate and rival Tugboat — real name Fred Ottman — as in poor health in the midst of a 15-plus day stay in the hospital.

Matey’s Big Fred, Tugboat has been in hospital for 15 plus days and not doing well. He needs all the prayers from you guys so he can be out and about shaking hands and kissing kids. As you know he’s a great guy and a good friend of mine. Pray matey’s and God Bless Fred.

Tugboat, a former tag-team champion in WWE, is perhaps best known for one of the biggest botches in pro-wrestling history, as his debut in WCW as “The Shockermaster” remains one of the more iconic moments in over early-nineties WCW.

“The Shockmaster” was supposed to be set up with an epic debut before teaming with Sting, Davey Boy Smith, and Dustin Rhodes (later Goldust) in the main event of Fall Brawl in 1993, but instead he tripped through the wall he was supposed to burst through, leaving an awkward moment that WCW alumni would probably sooner forget.

Tugboat retired from wrestling after a 16-year career back in 2001. The 60-year old former wrestler still has family in the business today, as he is the uncle to former WWE Intercontinental Champions Goldust and Cody Rhodes.

We send our best wishes to Tugboat and his friends and family in this difficult time.

Former WWE/WCW wrestler reportedly in poor health YouTube/Screenshot
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