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John Cena loves to get fans buzzing, especially when rumors are running wild and he decided to jump in on the latest notion that Kenny Omega could be returning to WWE.

After a week of speculation following Omega’s stellar Wrestle Kingdom 11 performance, Cena Instagram’d this:

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It follows the trend after Omega announced he’d be stepping away from Japan to reassess his future:

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer noted that if WWE “wants” Omega, they will make it happen. He detailed if WWE puts $750k down per year on a three-year deal, he doesn’t see top stars such as Omega turning that down.

And if there were any thoughts on Omega debuting at the Royal Rumble on January 29, there’s a slim to no-way-it’s-happening chance as his contract expires on January 31:

Thoughts on Omega possibly jumping to WWE come after his comments about others happy to become a “cog” in the WWE machine, per SI:

“I’m eating, breathing, and s—-ing wrestling right now,” said Omega. “When I’m waking up in bed in the morning and my bones and my joints are aching—and I know that I’m not ‘old’ old, but I know there is a lot of younger talent floating around their roster—I’m wondering, ‘Why in the hell are these guys not rising up? Why are they not doing what it takes to be better? Are they so happy to be a cog in the WWE machine that they’re just happy to be where they are? Are they just satisfied to see WWE as the name on their paycheck every week? Why can I keep getting better and pushing the envelope to have these ‘Matches of the Year,’ but no one else can even come close?’ AJ Styles has been great, but he’s been great forever. Why is there no one else?”

Omega was in WWE developmental in Deep South Wrestling from 2005-2006 before bouncing back to the Indies.

Cena has done this before, as he uses his Instagram account as a hot bed for the wrestling world’s biggest topics, so we probably shouldn’t read too much into this quite yet. That by no means rules out an Omega return, but it won’t be Cena who’s breaking the news.

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