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Dash Wilder, one half of the Revival, suffered a fractured jaw over the weekend on his goodbye tour with NXT, per PWInsider.

WWE later gave an update, officially confirming the injury:

“On Friday night, following an in-ring injury to the right side of his jaw, we sent [Wilder] to the ER for a cat scan,” NXT medical personnel Dr. Jeff Westerfield told “The test came back showing a jaw fracture. As a result, he will be getting his jaw wired [Friday at 9 a.m.] and we are looking forward to him being back on the main roster in about eight weeks.”

The injury comes just two weeks after the tag team was called up to the main roster on WWE Raw. They appeared headed directly into a top tag team spot, but may have to wait out the recovery before the “Top Guys” return to form.

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