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When it was originally announced that Kurt Angle would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, it was reported that Angle likely wouldn’t be doing any actual wrestling with the company.

Well that could change.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer (subscription required), it is currently in the “plans” for Angle to wrestle at some point upon his return to the company. Angle, 48, would still have to pass a physical in order to get in the ring for WWE, and the company would love to have him back if the ring if he can be properly cleared.

If he doesn’t wrestle, one of the more popular rumors out there is that Angle will be made the on-screen general manager of Monday Night RAW.

Angle has continued to wrestle since he left WWE back in 2006, most notably with the TNA Impact Wrestling. Despite neck injuries dating back to Angle’s days as an Olympic wrestler, the legend hasn’t completely slowed down in the ring and he is still one of the most consistent performers out there.

Just one request, WWE… you’ve got to put Angle up against Rusev. Rusev has been your anti-America guy for the past three years, right? Let him and the 1996 Olympic gold medalist banter back-and-forth for a bit before having a match.

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