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According to Newsweek, WWE has officially parted ways with announcer Mauro Ranallo after several weeks of controversy.

“WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways,” Ranallo said to Newsweek. Ranallo also said that the parting of ways had “nothing to do” with broadcast partner John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and that he will remain under the terms of his WWE contract until August 12.

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The controversy with Ranallo started back in March, as Ranallo was absent from several episodes of SmackDown Live. Ranallo, who has bi-polar depression, was reportedly ill from the disorder, causing him to miss several weeks of television.

Speculation soon went rampant that potentially bullying from Layfield was why Ranallo was missing television, sparking outrage across the wrestling community. Layfield has since released several statements on the matter, saying that any negative comments he made about Ranallo were all a part of his character as the “bad guy” announcer.

For what it’s worth, Layfield has been less of the “bad guy” on commentary of recent SmackDown Live episodes, as he has been much less critical of anyone since Ranallo started missing episodes. Without Ranallo, WWE has been using Tom Phillips as the lead announcer on the Tuesday night show.

With WWE in the review mirror, Ranallo will likely go back to announce mixed martial arts, boxing, and potential become a commentator again for WWE rival, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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