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We’re not sure why someone blessed with a face like Demi Lovato’s would want to risk blemishing it in MMA.

Whether it started off as a workout regimen and then morphed into a bizarre idea, after spending the past year training with MMA guru and NFL analyst Jay Glazer, Lovato is entertaining the possibility of a real bout in the Octagon. And according to Glazer, she’s skilled enough to do it.

“She throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys that come in there,” Glazer told TMZ Sports. “She’s definitely one of our fighters without a doubt.”

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Glazer added that Lovato has brought up the idea of a fight “a million times.” ¬†And her seemingly sudden interest in MMA might not be so abrupt. She’s reportedly been linked to UFC fighter Luke Rockhold, a former UFC middleweight champion with a 15-3 record.

For now, though, it’s all just talk. There hasn’t been any real discussion about getting Lovato on a fight card, but remember CM Punk’s foray into the Octagon? She couldn’t possibly be any worse than he was.