Gegard Mousasi was awarded the win in the UFC 210 by TKO in the second round against Chris Weidman, but that win didn’t come without a lot of controversy after the fight was stopped after what was originally perceived as illegal knee strikes by Mousasi.

Per UFC rules, knee strikes are illegal if a fighter has two hands on the ground. UFC referee Dan Miragliotta initially stopped the fight, believing one of Mousasi’s knee strikes to be illegal, but replayed showed that Weidman’s hands were indeed off the ground when the strike was delivered, making them legal.

Because of the mixup between Miragliotta and the New York state officials, the fight was stopped and Mousasi was awarded the win via TKO because the fight was stopped on Weidman’s behalf. However, both fighters were clearly upset at how the fight ended, with Mousasi even saying “Give him his rematch, I don’t care” in his post-fight interview.

Weidman has now lost three fights in a row, and it will be interesting to see what his next move is after this controversy.

UFC 210 mired by controversy after stoppage in Weidman-Mousasi fight Twitter/UFC
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