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After what originally looked like a very grave situation, some promising details are starting to emerge on the neck injury to New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Tomoaki Honma.

Last Friday, Honma suffered an injury to the C3 and C4 vertebrae in his neck after a botched DDT led to him landing on his head. After the move, Honma was motionless in the ring and the match was stopped so he could be rushed to a hospital in Okinawa. An update a day later revealed that Honma still had no feeling in his extremities, and that he was only able to speak and slightly move his head.

The latest update from the Wrestling Observer says that Honma has begun to regain movement in his arms and legs, but that the movement is still very limited. The update is promising from a recovery standpoint, and the Observer sites that Honma has promised to wrestle again.

Honma, 40, has obviously been pulled from all NJPW events going forward. The 20-year veteran was scheduled to challenge for the IWGP tag team titles on Monday, but he and his partner Togi Makabe were replaced following the injury.

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