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If there was any question on just the type of guy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, the last week or so shows he’s simply a class act.

After sharing a heartwarming story on his Christmas present to his father, another example of Johnson’s caring nature was detailed during Donna Eaton’s (wife of the legendary Midnight Express member Bobby Eaton) appearance on Bill Apter’s “Is Wrestling Fixed?” podcast.

Eaton had gone missing in Atlanta back in August, and Johnson was reportedly the first one to reach out, per Eaton’s wife (H/T WrestleZone):

“Donna Eaton: I do want to thank everyone Bill. When Bobby was missing, his blood sugar was down and he was a little confused. I want to thank everybody. Especially Dewey who is The Rock. I want to thank him for being the first person, out of his bust schedule, to reach out to Bobby. I want him to know that my Mom always adored his Mom and thank you so much. It meant so much to me.

Bill Apter: A lot of people don’t know that “Dewey” was The Rock’s nickname when he was a child.

DE: Right. That’s how I knew him. As “Dewey”. I remember him as a little boy they (The Rock’s family) used to stay at the Days Inn and we would go over there. They’d go have dinner and I’d watch him and Jamie (Dundee). That meant the world to me because I know how busy he is. The fact that he was the first to reach out just touched my heart. My mother adores his mother. She is wonderful.

BA: He has not let the stardom and the money he has made go to his head. He’s still a down to earth guy.”

Eaton was eventually (thankfully) found around midnight that evening, but Johnson’s gesture can’t be overlooked.


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