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Randy Orton is one of the most controversial WWE stars over his tenure following failed drug tests and a handful of reported run-ins backstage.

The current WWE champ is back at it, jumping into a conversation on how the independent scene is being run currently:

ROH star and former WWE, ECW and TNA tag champ Bully Ray chimed in:

Orton later responded, calling out Ray and the “old outta shape ‘vet’:”

Ray then took a chance to call out his failed House of Horrors contest:

Orton followed it up with an “apology” of sorts:

Worry not, Orton is about putting “asses in seats” and taking home big cash, not selling out high school gyms.

According to Reddit, the beef between Ray and Orton stems from years ago, when Orton was injured during a match with the Dudley’s.

Orton on Ray:

“I never liked him,” Orton said of Bubba. “I never liked what he did because he only thought of himself. In the match my foot was broken, it was his fault… Bubba Dudley is the most out of shape, fat, non-work-ethic-having person I knew. And you had a bad taste in your mouth when you met him.”

And Batista on him:

“In my opinion, Bubba Dudley is a jerk-off. He’s one of those people who used to always bully guys and throw his weight around just because he had a good position in the company. He’d been around for a long time and he was one of those veterans who’d always treated the rookies like sh*t. He treated me like sh*t. He treated Randy like sh*t. To this day, I can’t forgive him.”

This one seems far from over.

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