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The Brood was one of the most bizarre stables in WWE history, but the Wyatt Family may given them a run for their money in recent years. The Brood’s leader, Gangrel, revealed on The Roman Show on Friday, that a Gangrel return almost happened, as Bray Wyatt wanted to bring Gangrel back to WWE television.

Via WrestleZone:

“I was talking to Bray Wyatt. He wanted me to come in, but the thing is WWE doesn’t own the rights to the name of Gangrel so that got shut down. It would have been fun. I probably would have come in as a manager. But I always wrestle. It’s never too late.”

Gangrel doesn’t reveal, however, when Wyatt approached him about the idea of having him join the Wyatt family.

The reasoning behind the partnership not coming to fruition is also very interesting, as Gangrel explains it has to do with a rights issue with his name.

It would have been cool to see a creepy WWE legend like Gangrel return and work with Wyatt, even if it was just as a manager.

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