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Will there be a huge surprise at this year’s WrestleMania? According to at least one WWE legend, no.

Hulk Hogan has been “banned” from WWE ever since tapes of him using racial epithets were released during his trial against the media company Gawker. However, there have been rumors in the past few months that Hogan may be on his way back into WWE’s good graces, with many speculating that there would be a WrestleMania surprise involving WWE’s biggest legend.

Well, according to Hogan himself, it’s not happening.

Of course, this could just be Hogan posturing to make sure that his appearance will really be a surprise. He will be in Orlando — the location’s of this year’s WrestleMania — around the time of the event, but that doesn’t always mean anything; WrestleMania brings in hardcore wrestling fans from all over the world, and most wrestlers and promotions take advantage of that by holding events around WrestleMania weekend.

As with all things pro wrestling, I guess we will have to wait and see what actually happens.

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