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WWE fans haven’t seen Women’s Division star Paige since June of 2016, and according to a new report they may not see her on WWE television again.

Via Wrestling Inc:

“Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that unless things change, WWE has no plans to use Paige going forward after she is recovered from her neck surgery that she had last October. It was noted that the reason for WWE not using her again is “everything that’s happened.”

This certainly isn’t surprising as Paige’s relationship and videos with Alberto Del Rio, her injury concerns, the leaked videos, is a lot to come back from. So even if Paige did return to WWE television it would be difficult to see a scenario where WWE gives her a major push at this point.

However, Meltzer did drop an interesting nugget about Paige’s future that Wrestling Inc points out:

“Meltzer noted that the only thing that might save her job with WWE is the upcoming movie produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Paige’s family, Fighting with My Family, which wrapped filming earlier this month.”

So perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Paige in a WWE ring after all.