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WWE star Hideo Itami just can’t catch a break down in NXT.

Itami just returned from a shoulder injury that took over a year away from his wrestling career, and now it looks like he will be on the shelf for an extended period once again. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Itami suffered a neck injury, likely during this botched powerslam spot at a recent NXT house show.

Itami was looking to take a powerslam from Riddick Moss, but it looks like Moss slipped in the middle of the move, causing Itami to be spiked on head. Itami was able to walk away under his own power, but he has yet to wrestle since that match.

If Itami is indeed out, then WWE will have some moves to make very quickly. Itami was scheduled to wrestle in the upcoming Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic with Japanese countryman Kota Ibushi, but it now looks like Ibushi will need a new tag team partner.

A snap powerslam is a common move in pro wrestling, but a missed spot like this shows exactly the danger that even the “easy” moves have. Hopefully Itami is able to completely recover from the injury.

[H/T Cageside Seats]

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